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Traditionally renowned for the skilled jewellers in the islands of Hulhudheli and Rinbudhoo, Dhaalu Atoll stretches over 23 kilometres from east to west and 38 kilometres from north to south. This atoll of 56 islands has only seven inhabited islands, with a total population of just around 6,694. Although none of the Buddhist remains found in some islands of the atoll have been properly excavated, mysterious mounds (locally known as Hawitta) and a mosque, which possesses some of the finest masonry in the country, have been found from the island of Kudahuvadhoo. Dhaalu Atoll, also known as Southern Nilandhe Atoll and Nilande Atoll South, was opened for tourism in 1998, and since then has gained in popularity among scuba divers.

Distance from Male': 162km

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