Are you planning on spending your vacation on the white sandy beaches of Maldives? Have you looked everywhere but could not find accommodation within your budget to spend your holiday in the Sunny Side of Life? If you are looking for budget, island-style accommodations, and want to also experience life in the island communities, Maldives Holiday Homes is the ideal site for you.

Our mission is to be a ‘virtual travel assistant’ for budget travellers who want to save money, have more flexibility and have the personal touch to their holidays. With an easy-to-use website and mobile offerings, we are constantly striving to connect holiday home owners and property managers with holidaymakers around the world who enjoy the space, freedom and value of a holiday home over a hotel.

Home Listing

Since the launch of our website, we have built the Maldives’ largest and most trusted community of holiday home owners and renters. Our rich, independently-maintained database features over a hundred holiday homes of every variety, throughout the country.

Transport System

Since the Maldives is an archipelago of small islands scattered across a wide area of ocean, it is not surprising that sea transport is of great significance. Until recently people residing in the islands did not have affordable means of transport even to the neighbouring islands. A nationwide transport network that relies on Dhoni, a robust and reliable hand-built wooden vessel, has been established recently. Our website gives you information about ferry Dhoni operating between islands and atolls, ferry routes and schedules – all in one convenient location.

Atolls of Maldives

The Maldives are a string of coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, a tropical paradise of pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons and swaying palm trees. The 26 naturally occurring atolls – divided into 20 administrative units for official purposes – are the ideal location for scuba divers who wish to enjoy the stunning coral reefs and abundant marine life that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Use our website to find information about individual atolls of Maldives, their unique geographical aspects, culture and lifestyles.

Exploring Island Life

Unlike the capital Male, the islands of Maldives still retain their natural look and feel, with lush green vegetation and country houses that have luscious gardens brimming with tropical fruit trees bearing bananas, mangoes, breadfruit etc. The small communities living in the islands take good care of their habitat, and historical sites and artefacts. Our website provides you everything you need to know about island lifestyle and culture, and recreational activities that you can do to make your holiday in a Maldivian island a truly memorable experience.

News and Blogs

News about travel and tourism and what others think about their holiday in Maldives are as important as the general information when you are planning your holiday in the island nation. As your most trusted holiday partner in Maldives, we have included articles and blog posts written by local and international authors in order to give you a better understanding of Maldives. The news, information and views from visitors will help you make your travel choices before your arrival in in the last paradise on earth.

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